Soooo tired.

Lemme tell ya. This has been one. exhausting week. Zzzzzzzz. On that note, I’m gonna go ahead and begin because I wanna catch some zzzzz’s before school tomorrow.

Monday, February 10

Apparently is national counseling week? In honor of it being national counseling week, during first block on Monday, we had to draw a name and write a kind note to that person. The person who got me is Italian, just like me. So he wrote me a hilarious note filled with Italian words (half of which I didn’t know.) I had to write a note to someone I didn’t know very well, so it pretty much was just funny jokes and puns. Overall, we had fun and it def. made us start the day on the right ‘note.’

Tuesday, February 11

OKay. Seriously this was so hilarious. We were in Music Appreciation and the teacher hadn’t shown up to class yet. Somehow our conversation turned to underwear…? The boys started mocking the girls and comparing their underwear. Jokingly, one of them pulled his underwear up, over his shirt so that everyone could see them. However his girlfriend is in the class and saw this as an ‘opportunity’ and asked the class if we wanted to see something funny. She then proceeded to pull his underwear up by the waistband and give him the ultimate wedgie. Like the waistband popped. It was seriously so funny.

Wednesday, February 12

CCD nights. Usually nights I look forward too, However I was exhausted. So my class was particularly rambunctious (of course.) Towards the end of class I was sooo tired of the loudness. My aide and I told them that if they were quiet the rest of class we might take them to the gym and play let them “Dove, Dove, Jesus” (Duck, Duck, Goose.) It got so amazingly quiet, it was great. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go. I promised to bring them something sweet next week for cooperating. Is bribery bad? 

Thursday, February 13

Nothing that spectacular happened, but I did get to see my best friends, and that’s always spectacular.

Friday, February 14

We had a mini retreat in preparation for an upcoming retreat. It’s one of my favorite things. I get to spend the night with some of my favorite people that I usually don’t get to have sleepovers with. It was great.

Saturday, February 15

We had stayed up pretty much all night talking, so I get literally like an hour of sleep. So I was exhausted all day and slept until like 5. So of course I don’t have many great memories since I was sleeping all day.

Sunday, February 16

My mom has been preparing an event we had today for quite some time. She’s been super stressed about it. But, it had a great turn out! I’m so happy for her!

I didn’t get to read any books this week 😦

I do have a quote though 😀



AH. Lemme tell you. This week has been such a wonderful, unproductive week :P. So let’s get this weekly post started!

Monday, January 27th

It was an early dismissal day! These days are my absolute favorite. I even like them better then days off because if I go to school that can count as my “productiveness” for the day. Whenever I don’t got to school all I do is lay around the house thinking about how I haven’t done anything productive. Plus, on early dismissal days we get to go eat lunch with our friends (or in my case my brother and one of our friends) but I don’t mind at all because I consider my brother to be my friend too. These are the days I’m going to muss most whenever I go to college.

Tuesday, January 28th

In case you didn’t know, I’m from Texas. Anytime the temperature is below 60* we bring out the eskimo jackets where I live. On Tuesday, the temperature dropped below 30* which like never happens. So we didn’t have to go to school. #dreamy. It’s kind of pathetic how the whole state practically shuts down because people over here don’t know how to deal with the cold.

Wednesday, January 29th

NO SCHOOL, again. Two days in a row without school. One of my friends pointed out how we pretty much had a weekend in the middle of the week. Call it what you want, I’m not complaining. The disappointing part of all this is it didn’t even snow where I live. 😦 I was really looking forward to it since I’ve only seen snow once minus last week at Quest. Plus all the teachers are whining about how now we’re behind. Boo.

Thursday, January 30th

Unfortunately, we had to go back to school. Thankfully, afterwards I watched a show on Lifetime that I used to just watch when  had nothing else to watch, but now it;s quickly becoming my addiction. Project Runway. Under the Gunn. Whatever you wanna call it. I’m so obsessed.

Friday, January 31st

After school I had my meeting with the counselor so I could choose my classes for next year. Finally. My first appointment got cancelled, and I’ve been trying to get it rescheduled for like 3 weeks now. She asked me those questions I hate answering on the dot. Like “What are three of your personal strengths” “What is your personal weakness.” I guess I better get used to them. But afterwards, I got Smoothie King which just makes everything better.

Saturday, February 1st

It was a rare occasion where neither my brother nor my parents were home at night. I had to go to my cousins house because my parents don’t feel comfortable leaving me at the house by myself late. Since I’m a rebel child and all. It was nice bonding with them because it seems like we never get to see them. My “baby” cousin is losing teeth and his little smile is so stinking cute.

Sunday, February 2nd

TODAY. Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not even watching the Super Bowl. Oops. I’d much rather type this then watch it. Let’s just say football’s not my thing, especially whenever I’m not interested in either team. So I’ll I’ve been doing all day is watching full episodes of Project Runway on my iPad. Except I’m about to have to do some homework so see you guys next week!


This week I’ve read two books. So the good news is my blog may be slackin’,  but my reading sure as hell isn’t.

The books I read are

Allegiant (third book in the Divergent series) by Veronica Roth and

Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (<—– So good)


Here’s my weekly quote:

c34b9f874f4c309209317cd3a8e5fb28 (what a coincidence)


Not gonna lie you guyz. I haven’t been keeping up with my memories for this week. Ooopsy. However, I just got back from a QUEST retreat for my diocese. I’m not sure if that’s like an all of America thing, but it might just be a retreat my diocese does. It’s supes fun. We go up to this lake and it has cabins and stuff and it’s just real nice. Plus I gained a lot from it which is always great. OH. Another awesome thingy. Whenever we got there yesterday there was still snow on the ground. Being from Texas and all I’ve only seen snow once in my life. But the neggative to it is, since it snowed up there on Friday we had to delay the retreat, so it was just on Saturday and Sunday. *sad face. I think my favorite memory from today was we went to eat lunch after the retreat was over. Our group had to split into two tables to get in out faster. When we were done eating our waitress, not realizing the two groups were together, came over to inform us our meal had to been paid for. Then she proceeded to tell us who it had been. The man in the black shirt at the register. She asked us if we knew them. Then my brother goes Uh, yeah, he’s my dad. His tone was just so funny. Plus the look of surprise on the waitress’ face. lolololol.  Anyways I guess I’ll stop rambling. asdfghjkl;’. Bye. 

I read Divergent and Insurgent this week by Veronica Roth. THERE SO GOOD. 

Here’s a picture of the lake 🙂Image

AND Here’s the quote 😀



Another week down.

Guidelines for contributing a letter to “A series of letters”.

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If you wish to contribute a letter to my upcoming “series of letters”, here are a few guidelines.

Quite a number of people have asked what sort of letter, what are the rules and how do they send it to me?

Firstly any letter can be credit: &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;arguiped&lt;/a&gt; via &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;photopin&lt;/a&gt; &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;cc&lt;/a&gt;
It could be a letter to a first love, to an absent parent, to a teacher or friend.
Maybe a Letter to yourself in the future or one to a younger you,
to someone who wronged or hurt you, or a letter of confession.

There are endless opportunities.

There are no rules but try not to have it over 800/900 words, otherwise it can be as short as you wish.
All I ask is that you speak from the heart.

In order to send the letter to my site I think the easiest thing to do is to write it as usual as…

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And another one gone, and another one gone.

Is it seriously already the THIRD week of January!?!??! As my friends and I like to say: “The days go by slow, but the weeks go by fast.” While sitting in one and half hour classes, time just drags by. Especially in classes I don’t like. Then by the time Saturdays rolls on through, I’ll be like “Woah that week went by fast!” and weekends go by even faster! It seems like I always have something to do on the weekends. For instance, today, I went to church at 11, got done at about 12, went and ate lunch with my youth group until 1, went to Beaumont (which took about 20 minutes), went to a youth rally and left there around 4 (?), went back to Port Arthur (20 minutes) and took three people in my youth group home (20 more minutes), went and filled up on gas at the gas station (10 minutes) and then I went home and worked on my drivers permit. And here I am. Typing my weekly blog later then I usually do. But, hey, no school tomorrow, thank you Martin Luther King Jr.!

Here are my daily memories for this week:

Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh the dreaded Monday. Someting I look forward to on gold day Monday’s is having first and last block with my favorite teacher Mr. Ashcraft. It was Pathophysiology time. Joy. We watched a video on how your body reacts when you cut your finger. Let’s just say it took twenty minutes to explain it all. Fun stuff. It talked about hot your body puts up walls to prevent the bacteria from spreading to other parts of your body. Mr. Ashcraft left the room for a minute to wash his hands and one of the boys in my class said, and I quote: “No wonder it hurts so bad when I cut myself, there’s a f*****g world war going on inside of it.” Let’s just say it was one of the funniest comments I’ve heard in awhile.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let’s just say nothing to spectacular happened. School was the usual blasé. But then I got to go home and watched two of my favorite shows until I went to bed (because doing schoolwork is overrated.) Dance Moms is seriously like my secret addition. It’s just so dramatic. If you know me, you know that I’m not a very dramatic person, so I just tell myself that it’s the drama Im missing in my life.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I teach 4 and 5 year olds CCD on Wednesday. It can be a but stressful at times and I hardly ever have time to sit down and plan out what I’m going to do. So I decided since last Sunday was the Baptism of the Lord I would talk about Baptism. I sat down to draw out a coloring page (because I hardly ever find coloring pages I like online.) One of my lovely angels looked over and asked what I was drawing. So I told him it was a priest baptizing a baby. Then he said “Oh, I thought it was an octopus.” Gee, I knew I was bad at drawing, but I didn’t know I was THAT bad.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I’m working on this “Choose Happiness” goal. Instead of waking up and being stressed, or depressed, or worried, I try to wake up and say “Today I’m choosing happiness instead of dwelling on the negative.” It’s actually harder than I though it would be. I had my first vocab test of the semester and the vocab tests were usually pretty difficult. We do vocab by doing one whole unit in our Level F book and half a unit in our level H book a week since I’m in Pre-AP. It gets kind of confusing on which part we’re on in the Unit H book. Needless to say I studied the wrong half. Whenever my teacher passed out the test and I realized my mistake I felt like I was going to cry. Like seriously, I cant fail my first test of the semester. Then I took a chill pill and realized that means I don’t have to study Level H next week because I already knew them. Yay for choosing happiness instead of crying and looking like an idiot. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday. Friday. Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. One word. Mcalister’s. It’s seriously one of my favorite places to eat. It makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I went bowling. Seriously so fun even though I suck and it means I had to get up early on the weekend. Im pretty sure I dont even know what sleeping in is anymore. Plus all the proceeds went to a place that supports pregnant mothers. Yay. Go life.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

As I mentioned earlier I went to a pro-life rally. I had entered a banner contest and won 1st place which is really exciting. Whenever I got their the first thing I saw was my design blown up huge on a banner. Right next to it was my best friend’s design blown up huge. It was seriously so exciting. Plus that meant we got to lead a march down to the abortion clinic. Whoop. Go life.


I’ve decided to also share the book I read on here. I try to read a book a week. So far I have read Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak , and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I would love to have more recommendations so just comment if you have a favorite book I should read. 



Bye, bye. 

Another Week Bites the Dust

Its hard to believe that its been a week since my last post! People don’t lie when they say “time flies!” Well I guess theres no use in blabbing on and on for no reason, today is a busy day! I’ve already been to church and a meeting for the upcoming Quest retreat. After I finish this post I have to do homework and then I have XLT at 6. Busy, busy, busy. So here are my memories for the second week of 2014!

Monday, January 6th

It was the first day back to school for 2014. I was excited, anxious, nervous, every emotion possibly imaginable. I had gotten through my first two classes and lunch without too many problems (besides the counselors messing up my schedule which isn’t very surprising.) Then it was third block. Pre-Cal. The class where I’m the only Junior in a class full of Seniors #slightlyintimidating.   I turned around to give the boy behind me his papers. And I knocked down his drink. Did I mention he’s the most dramatic person I know? He got up and started dancing around like a diva. It looked like he had peed his pants. Like bad. Needless to say he left class for like 30 minutes and came back with dry pants, apparently he dried them under the hand dryer in the bathroom. Total diva, right? At first it was kinda embarrassing. Then I realized how hilarious the whole scenario was. I definitely wont be forgetting that moment anytime soon.

Tuesday, January 7th

I cant believe it, but I forgot to write something down for this day. Oooopsy.

Wednesday, January 8th

It was the fourth and last block of the day. Music Appreciation. A class I wasn’t really looking forward to taking, but it was AP so, why not? (It’s actually turned out to be fairly interesting.) The teacher was trying to get a piece of music to start a certain point. I started kind of daydreaming. Then the music started. And it was reallly loud. I jumped because it scared me. I hoped that know one saw me since there’s only like 6 other people in that class. Whenever I turned around one of the senior boys was laughing really hard at me. At least he’s the only who saw me…

Thursday, January 9

This might seem kind of frivolous, but it was first block of the day. Patho Physiology with my favorite teacher, Mr. Ashcraft. A cardinal suddenly appeared in the window. Apparently he shows up quite a lot because Mr. Ashcraft said it’s name was Darwin. I was mesmerized by it because I’m a nature freakkkkk.

Friday, January 10

One word. Smoothie King. Five dollar Friday. Enough to make any day a good day.

Saturday, January 11

My favorite memory is playing cards with my family. I LOVE playing cards. We always joke around and make fun of each other. It’s still a good memory even though I lost. I don’t take losing very well. But. I still don’t think I’m a sore loser.

Sunday, January 12

My favorite memory so far is watching Mulan as I type this. They’re singing my favorite song as I write “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”

Whelp this is all I got for this week. Peace out, boy scouts.


Ready or not, here school comes…..

Whelp as I sit here ready to type this week’s post I can’t help but feel a little excited that this is actually happening. I’m finally trying to follow through with a started project. As I dread the start of school tomorrow I also can’t help but feel a little anxious. I want to see what 2014 has in store for me! I’m also sooo excited that I only have three semesters of high school left! On a scale of 1-10, I would say this week was about an eight. I hate not having a routine, but I love getting to sleep in. I hate feeling unproductive, but I love(d) spending time with my BFF’s which is totally productive, right?

So here’s my daily memories so far for 2014:

     Tuesday, December 31, 2013 ( I know, it’s not 2014, but I wrote one down, so why not?)

We went to my great aunt josie’s house so my parent’s could play cards with a couple of my aunt’s and uncle’s plus it’s always a good time. I get to see my three little cousins which is always exciting since our visits are becoming rarer and rarer as we become busier and busier. As I wassitting with my six year old little cousin c.j I asked him if he would be my boyfriend and he said “of course, baby” in his best Elvis Presley voice (which he is getting quite good at.) Then he took our hands and enlaced them together. What can I say, I guess we teach them young?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

     We went to my aunt tania and uncle lawrence’s house for New Year’s. Of course, we ate black eyed peas and cabbage for good luck and prosperity. I played some games with my little cousins. After playing a few too many rounds of cards and some kind of lame board games, they decided they wanted to play Twister. Because twisting your body in the most unnatural way possible is always fun, right? We decided to let c.j play even though his legs are kind of short and it’s hard for him to reach all the way across. After already having one foot on a green dot he had to move his other foot to a blue dot which was quite a stretch for him. After struggling for a few seconds he shouted in his frustration “boy are not meant to stretch this way!” I couldn’t help but laugh at the amount of cuteness he displayed in that moment.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

     I got to see my two best friends! What more could I ask for? We had a sleepover for the first time in what felt like forever. It seems like our schedules always conflict so we never get to hang out together. I am thankful to have such great friends who have the same moral and standards as me. If I listed all of the good memories from that day, I would be writing an essay.

Friday, January 3, 2014

     Today we celebrated someone who I have always admired as a grandmother. She is the closest living thing I have to one and is a great inspiration to all. I would say she had a pretty good birthday and I even gave her a few lessons on how to work the iphone she got for Christmas. Happy birthday mrs. roseanne and here’s to many more!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

     We had my brother charlie’s eagle scout court of honor. I am so proud of how hard he worked for it and his determination. He definitely inspires me to be a better person. Much love to my bubba.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

     I started off the day by going to 11:00 mass at my church as we do pretty much every sunday. Then we had a youth meeting after. I got ready for the start of a new semester. and we are about to eat dinner and play our nightly round of gin rummy. Joseph won last night so the question is, who will win tonight?

And as promised here is a quote I stumbled upon this week: